Failure costs reduction
Incorrect orders are reduced to a minimum, leading to a direct operating profit.

Internal / external communication progress
Internal processes get standardized, automated. Less actions are required and these are faster to complete, thus saving time and money.

Providing with more information (up to the end user)
Exact, complete and up-to-date data all along the supply chain. Quality of service for less and less errors.

Better logistics
In addition to failure costs reduction, ETIM allows improvements in stock management and order tracking systems.

Re-use of information
Fill data once to use it as many times as you want in a lot of different applications.

Consistent flow of information
Product information is filled once by the manufacturer:
- in a standardized format
- used by all parties along the supply chain
Information exchange is based on original data, thus always complete and up-to-date by manufacturer's standards!

Catalog management optimization
Data is media independant and can be used for any catalog creation software. The time gained here is substential, and so is the profit relative to production costs reduction.

Standardized interfaces
In the near future, only a few standards will be necessary for product data exchange. Permanent adaptation to new requests from partners will be long gone.

A powerful marketing tool 
It is now possible to rearrange data in order to target specific marketing targets. Some unique features can be highlighted this way. Unique new products can also be created if needed.

Easy follow-up
Classification allows deeper statistical analyses. Strategy can now be done at product level!