CMT is the abbreviation for Classification Management Tool. It is a custom build online software tool to access the international multilingual ETIM master database and to efficiently organize and process additions and requests for change (RFCs) to the ETIM model. CMT is also the communication medium for status updates on RFCs to the requester and other interested members. Members with login can use a personal interest filter (PIF) to select on which classes they want to be informed, in case of RFCs they receive a summary status update every week, this way the amount of unwanted messages is reduced to an absolute minimum. This update includes direct links to the online RFC in ETIM CMT to view the complete request and/or to join the discussion on this request.

Some parts and functions of the tool are subject to login, but most parts are publicly accessible. The online CMT tool is easy accessible through the ‘speed buttons’ on the homepage, or simply by clicking here.


ETIM International